Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi runs Kerrisdale Capital, an investment firm best known for activist short selling, or short activism. On publicly traded companies that Sahm and his team believe are being overvalued by the equity market, Kerrisdale shares its research to correct market misperceptions. To read Sahm’s research, please visit Kerrisdale’s website at

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A few recent articles on Sahm and Kerrisdale are available here:

Kerrisdale has written on a lot of shorts over the years, but Sahm has a few favorites. Fraudulent Chinese companies got him into the business, and Dune Lawrence was the first reporter to properly cover the story. An Australian reporter Jonathan Shapiro also wrote a nice piece.

In the United States, Sahm’s favorite short was Globalstar. Kerrisdale rented an auditorium in October 2014 to present why the stock is worthless. Here’s a funny video announcing the presentation. Sahm also raised more than $100m in 2016 to short DISH. That story is still playing out, but right now, Kerrisdale’s report is looking prescient.

Sahm isn’t always right. He thought Straight Path was a short, but it got bought out only a few months after Sahm said he thought it was overvalued. ClubCorp got bought out too. So just because Kerrisdale says something is a short doesn’t mean it is. Always do your own research!


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